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For me, photography is about expressing the essence, or true nature, of the world around us. If we stop our usual thinking, labeling, conceptualizing, and doing -- and look -- really look -- what do we see? Perhaps it's sublime beauty, austere spaciousness, or the mystery of existence. Maybe it's harmonious patterns, expanding peacefulness, or energetic aliveness. Whatever it is, my aim is to express it through images in a way that viewers are inspired to experience awe and appreciation for this world.

My favorite subjects are nature and nudes. What else can be more beautiful, or touch us more deeply? I studied photography at Harvard and Stanford, but most of my learning has come through practicing my art and developing my passion. I use high-end digital 35mm equipment (Nikon pro bodies and lenses) and state-of-the-art software tools (Lightroom and Photoshop) to create images that are sharp and enlarge well. I also have a camera that has been modified to record only infrared light, which makes landscapes and skin look surreal.

Everything you see is available for sale as archival prints in a variety of sizes for shipment direct to you. Any watermarks seen on preview images will not appear on final prints. You can even choose from a selection of frames and mattes at checkout. Digital downloads are also available for personal use, desktop backgrounds, or for commercial use licenses. Feel free to look around or leave comments in the Guestbook.

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