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I think Green Sea Turtles are one of the most photogenic creatures on the planet. Graceful, yet ancient, these reptiles express qualities of life that range from sublime beauty to primal austerity. They will let you get close if you stay calm and move slowly.

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Green Sea Turtle at La Perouse Maui-274Green Sea Turtle at La Perouse Maui-275Green Sea Turtles at Kahaluu-65Green Sea Turtle at Kahaluu-125-EditGreen Sea Turtle at Kahaluu-141-EditGreen Sea Turtle at Kahaluu-151-EditGreen Sea Turtle at Kahaluu-203-EditHawaiian Green Sea Turtle-684Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-691Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-692Flying TurtleHawaiian Green Sea Turtle-701Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-710Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-717Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-720Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-723Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-724Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-725Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-727Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle-684-2

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