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Haleakala Crater is still considered an active volcano, although it has been "resting" for the past couple hundred years. At 10,000 feet, it dominates the Maui skyline, and is usually 30 or 40 degrees cooler than down at the beaches. We took an 11 mile hike down one rim, through the crater floor, and out the other side. The austere, otherworldly beauty of this place makes a hike through it into a spiritual experience.

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Haleakala from La PerouseHaleakala from La Perouse in InfraredObservatory at HaleakalaWest Maui from HaleakalaThe Path into the CraterHaleakala-516Haleakala-519Haleakala Crater Panorama #1Haleakala-536Haleakala Crater Panorama #2Haleakala-544Haleakala Crater Panorama #3Haleakala-555Haleakala-556Haleakala Crater Panorama #4Haleakala-566Silverswords Old & NewSilversword LeavesRainbow over a Haleakala Cinder ConeRainbow Over Haleakala Path and Cinder Cone