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Greetings and welcome to my image gallery!

All of the pieces are one of a kind whether their uniqueness is reflected in the design itself or in the fabric. Much of the fabric used is recycled. Aside from the Tulle bustles, my bustles are from vintage lace. I am working on a Men's line--of which I am very excited!

I also work as a tribal stylist for those of you who just need inspiration. This can show up for you in the form of a shopper, costume organizer, or just helping you expanding your image of yourself. I see beauty in all things and love opening up your inner light through your plumery...! I also do work for photographers by doing hair and makeup as well as leasing out my costumes.

Please feel free to email me with any questions on prices as that information will be on the up-coming website.

Thank you all you beauty-full beings!
Weyaka Cassero
Photography by: Konrad Knell

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